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Quick and Easy Avalose Unda in Traditional Kerala Style

In one of our previous videos, we learned how to prepare Avalose podi which is one of the key ingredients of Avalose Unda. Adding on to that video or complementing it, we are making avalose unda in traditional Kerala style


Easy Avalose Podi with Amma’s Taste

For many those who travel away from home, Avalose podi is something that keeps you nostalgic. This homemade food item was also part of my hostel food and I still feel nostalgic whenever I see this.


Home Made Cappuccino

Today I will introduce you to the world Of Homemade Cappuccino Its like A restaurant-style

Its very Tasty Fluffy Yet Easy to make…

There is no need of any Hand blender


Easy Kerala Style Achappam; How To Make Rose Cookies? Recipe And Preparation Method

Achappam (rose cookies) is a crispy snack which is very popular in Kerala. Here in this video, Lekshmi Nair demonstrates how to prepare this tasty, crunchy achappam in an easier way. Please watch the video till the end for the recipe and preparation method.


Happiness is a Way of Life

Everybody is asking me why and how I am always happy. How can you always smile without any fear and what is the secret of my happiness?

So, here I’m asking you how do you find Happiness in Life? Actually there is no clearcut formula for being happy. It’s rather simple.


How to be Successful in Life?

Today I’m going to tell you how to be successful in life. How do we achieve success in life? What should we do for it?
To be honest, there are no shortcuts for success. To be successful, everyone will have to work hard.